May 19, 2023 · Use shadow fix mod in Reddit. .



the yuzu folder comes pre-loaded with the mods hence the large size, so if you download the yuzu folder, don’t download shaders and mods as they’re already included. . .

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How to fix Yuzu emulator crash when loading shaders. 1 of the game. .

Game hangs and crashes. Possible fix is disabling ATSC decoding, right click on TOTK, properties>advanced graphics>ATSC decoding (HACK) disable.

So I've been playing through Odyssey with Yuzu 701 and I noticed today the large shader caches I had for my games were gone from the transferable shaders folder.

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Just re-enable them, Emulation > Configure >. Shader cache not loading.

1 of the game. So I tried on Yuzu, and on the first loading screen, either after the "press A button" after loading the main screen, or after the first cinematic, the loading screen gets stuck there I can manage to make it run back by spamming F4, but after that, the screen shows a stuck loading screen, with the portal in the corner not moving at all, and the.

Fixes the 3D scene render, but will stretch the HUD.
Possible solution is disabling 60 fps and dynamic FPS.


Note: The downloads are given in the guides wherever necessary, but if you just want to get the downloads, you can get them by clicking below.

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Nov 6, 2022 · ASTC acne, begone! (MONSTER HUNTER RISE) byte[] found that while he was debugging graphical issues, yuzu would frequently crash after the merge of Project Y. Try a different shader cache file. Game crashes on continue after Death. -. I'm on 3595 and still have this issue, among others.


Possible solution is disabling 60 fps and dynamic FPS. A guide to get Yuzu or Ryujinx running on your PC.

GRAPHICS** \- Enable Reactive Flushing √ \- Use Asynchronous Shader Building (Hack) √ \- Use Vulkan Pipeline Cache √ \- Anisotropic Filtering = 8x/16x I have been using a combination of the 60FPS Mod and the DynamicFPS mod, micro-stutters, mainly drops to 50-55FPS but nothing major, unless it is loading new shaders then it is noticeable.



Game hangs and crashes.

May 13, 2023 · You can use them with x1 Resolution scale to increase GPU performance.